In Memory of Jesse Wingert

Jesse Wingert sadly passed away on the 16th March 2012. Jesse played a key role at App Zealous; he designed many of the app graphics. Jesse was a very talented young man, who was very outgoing, and a great team member. Jesse will be deeply missed.

James Allsopp (owner): “I was only talking with Jesse on Skype the other week about the next app projects, I was shocked when I heard the sad news. We would often talk on Skype and discuss many different ideas. I have worked with Jesse for many years, on various internet projects, including GamerHome. I, Jesse, and the team were determined to take the latest project, App Zealous, from a start-up idea in to something huge.

I am proud to have worked with Jesse and truly miss him, and the amazing designs he would shock me with; they were amazing. I never got to meet Jesse, mainly due to the distance barrier from the UK and USA, although it was something we were considering, and wished I had the opportunity. Jesse will be greatly missed.”

Below is just some of the art work that Jesse made with App Zealous (some unreleased):


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